Spondoola is easy by design, here are the golden rules

Your advert will stay on the site until it is sold, simple.

  • Small Print – we will send you an email every 7 days, please only reply if the item has been sold, we will remove it from the site for you

You can place the advert from our nice mobile app or online on the website

  • Small Print – it is super easy, we recommend really nice pictures of the item, sexy sells 😉

Please turn off Ad-Blocker on this site, obviously we need to pay the bills somehow!
We promise no nasty pop ups or weirdness

  • Small Print – if you have it, you will know what to do

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That is it. Simple. Now go and put your feet up, you deserve it!


PS if you have any thoughts on improvements for the site or just want someone to talk to

Please give us a shout on hello@spondoola.co.uk